Meet the Team

Suzy CandanedoPresident

Hi, I'm Suzy and I'm this year's President! I'm a third year Computer Systems Engineer and a 1st Dan black belt. I've been doing Taekwondo for 14 years now, mainly WT style but got the opportunity to learn about ITF at this club. I am passionate about Taekwondo, I love the excitment of sparring and the discipline of its more traditonal aspects. As President, I managed the day to day running of the club and support the rest of the exec, so we can give the best Taekwondo experience to our members. We welcome beginners and veterans from all styles and background. So if you're a seasoned martial artist or a complete novice come down the club, say hi and kick some pads with us!

Maria Sedykh Treasurer (first half of year)

Hey, I'm Maria and I'm this year's Treasurer (much wow)! I'm currently in my 2nd year doing Psychology with Linguistics, but I promise not to use any mind tricks in order to get your training fees. Maybe. I will be the one managing club's finances in order to ensure the smooth running of the club from the financial perspective.

I've only joined Taekwondo last year as a white belt and it has been a lot of fun. I was looking for something to keep myself in shape and, since I had no motivation to go to the gym, Taekwondo seemed like a great option. I figured with great pleasure that I not only started doing a martial art alone, but got introduced to its history and learned some self defence as part of the syllabus. Join in whether it's for just one term or a whole year and you won't be disappointed! I'm your first contact for any queries with payments or money in general and don't hesitate to ask absolutely anyone in the club for help. We're a great bunch of people, which makes our sessions all the more enjoyable c:

Anthony Macit Treasurer (second half of year)

Hey guys, your treasurer Anthony here! I'm in my third year studying Maths. I joined the club at the start of my second year here at Warwick as a complete beginner and instantly knew this was the club for me. From learning the basics of Taekwondo to attending socials and meeting so many amazing people, I loved that the club was so welcoming and friendly. :)

You'll see me at both ITF and WT sessions each week and I've come to appreciate the different aspects of each style. I love them both equally, and you cannot not make me choose a favourite between the two! It’s always great to finish work for the day and go kick things, honestly the best. As treasurer I will be taking care of all things money from managing the club accounts to nagging you lot to please PAY YOUR TRAINING FEES. If you are unsure about anything club related or paying for things etc. just hit me up with a message on FB, or catch me at the session, I won't bite lol *gang signs*

Vicky Hann Secretary

Hello there! I'm Vicky, a second year Computer Science student and this year's secretary. This means you'll be hearing from me every week in the newsletter, but I'll also be doing a lot of the paperwork and admin behind the scenes. I also get to write lots of emails, answer lots of questions and be super helpful to everyone!

I've been doing taekwondo for about 5 years and I've achieved my 2nd degree black belt in WT. It has boosted my confidence massively and my love for the martial art has just grown over the years. I joined the Warwick Taekwondo club in my first week of uni and I'm so glad I did - the people are amazingly friendly, the atmosphere is so welcoming and it's just so much fun! I would encourage everyone to join the club whether you've done taekwondo before or you've never even heard of it and if you have any queries, don't hesitate to contact us!

Ceb Noodley Social Sec

These are Callum, a second year English student and Seb, now a word from Seb:

Hey, I'm a second year maths student and one of the club's social secretaries. I joined the club this year, having done martial arts before university, and have enjoyed being part of the club and love the friendly atmosphere. My responsibilities include organising social events, TOUR and helping new members feel welcome at training as well as socials. Some examples of social events are end of term meals, circling and Tea-Kwon-Do - a weekly gathering in Curiositea for members to chill together and a staple of the club's social calendar. Meanwhile TOUR is all about going abroad to see somewhere new and have fun (there's even a mini version.) I've certainly felt welcomed at the club this year and want others to feel the same!

Dan HarborneCaptain

Hello there, I’m Dan. I’m doing a PGCE and this year I’ll be the club’s acting Captain. Basically my job is to make sure everyone stays fit and competition ready by working them hard during Saturday squad sessions, get people to and from competitions, and generally worry people by doing many flashy spin kicks.

What qualifications do I have for making you do too many press ups, I hear you ask? Well to start I’m a 3rd degree black belt in ITF taekwondo, and have some experience in WT and Kickboxing too. Oh, and I’m on the ITFU England Squad as well, so there’s that. I started doing taekwondo when I was five years old and haven’t stopped since. It’s like the only cool thing I do with my life. I joined Warwick TKD waaay back in my first year and it’s made my whole uni experience worth it. So whether you’re a seasoned martial artist or you’ve never seen a white belt before, you should definitely come along. I’ll get you kicking high in no time.

Serena OzturkCharity and Publicity

Hiya, I'm Serena a third year Maths student, this year I'm going to be raising as much money as I can for charity, as well as keeping the clubs social media and website up to date. I have been doing taekwondo for 6 years now and came from tagb, I have loved getting involved with both the sessions and the social aspects of the club. Really you need to just try it and see for yourself! If you have any questions or are even unsure as to where to start with martial arts, just give the facebook page or me a message and I'll do my best to help you out:)

Manus Wong Kit Secretary

Hi peeps, I am Manus and I am currently in my third year studying civil engineering. My role as the equipment officer is basically sort out everything to do with equipment! This includes taking care of the club's equipment and organising orders for your personal equipment and leisure wear!

When I came to uni my friend introduced me to Taekwondo. In the beginning Taekwondo was just something for me to do after studying all day and to stop myself from getting fat. But after a while I realised this sport is super fun and now I want to take it seriously! I love this club because everyone is super friendly to everyone, so many people have helped me to get better and that's why I want to serve the club! The thing I am looking forward to see the coming year is to see other people get involved in Taekwondo and enjoy it with their clean and shiny doboks!