Meet the Team

Saad Khan & Maya KadPresident

Hi! We're Saad, a 4th year Discrete Maths student, and Maya, a PGCE student, and between us we have a combined 13 years of ITF training. Having come into the club as a total beginner and black tag respectively, we’ve seen the club from two different perspectives, and we both love it here. Practising ITF and WT styles, we welcome people of all different backgrounds and abilities, from those who have never done any martial arts before, to those who have been kicking since they could walk! With regular training, socials and competitions, the club has so much to offer its members. As President we’re responsible for making sure the club runs as best as it can, as well as supporting the rest of the exec team in their roles. This includes organising gradings, seminars and other cool stuff for you all! Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or a chance to make some new friends, we’re a friendly lot and we’d love to have you around. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Jack Mason Treasurer

Hi there! I’m Jack, a 4th year maths student and I’m going to be the club’s Treasurer for this year! I’m here to manage the club’s finances and ensure that the interests of the club and its members are met. I’ve been training since my first year and would recommend Taekwondo to anyone who wants to try a martial art. It’s a great way to develop confidence in your own ability and is a great activity to go alongside your studies. With the continued support of the instructors and club members, I’ve been able to achieve my blue belt! Whether your aim is to learn self defence, go to competitions or just to stay healthy, I am confident you’ll fit in with us! Come along to one of our sessions and feel free to ask any questions!

Dan Harborne Secretary

Hi, I’m Dan, I’m a 3rd year Discrete Maths Student and the club’s secretary. My job is mainly admin based, I write emails and liaise with our contacts, but I also get to do fun stuff like organise seminars, shout at the rest of the exec, and put bad jokes in the weekly newsletter. Quite simply, if you send us an email or ask us a question, it’s likely that I’ll be the one answering it. I started doing taekwondo when I was five years old and haven’t stopped since, grading for my 3rd degree black belt just before coming to uni. I joined Warwick TKD in my first year and I liked it, so I’ve stuck around. Everyone’s really friendly and welcoming, so whether you’re like me and have been doing martial arts for years, or if you’ve never even heard of taekwondo, you should definitely give the club a look! If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch. We can be reached by the club email and by our Facebook page (links to both are on this website).

Michael Loveday Social Sec

Heya! My name is Michael Loveday. I’m a third year student studying Maths and Physics. My role as social secretary is to make sure everybody is getting along and having as much fun as possible. Furthermore I will be organising social events like meals, movie night, circling, tour and Tea-Kwon-Do( a weekly gathering in the Curiositea to chat, chill and check up with people). On Tour I take members of the club on a holiday abroad to drink and explore the world a little. I could not feel more proud nor excited to be the social secretary of Tae-Kwon-Do. The club welcomed me with open arms and warm hearts. I hope to do the same for anyone who joins our club.

Ken DiepCaptain

Hi, I'm Ken! I'm the captain and in my 4th year of an electronic engineering degree. I know the club very well, having started taekwondo here and from being Kit Secretary last year! In that time I've earned my 3rd kup, trained with literal masters, and won medals at national competitions. Being captain involves leading the open squad sessions every Saturday, which are tailored for those who want to go the extra mile. Look out for our Get Active initiative on Facebook as well! There's truly something for everyone here. We are one of the most active clubs on campus in terms of training sessions, socials, tournaments and more!

Katie PickeringCharity and Publicity

Hey! I’m Katie, a third year Chemistry student. My role this year will be split between looking after the club’s social media accounts, advertising the club and organising various events for our nominated charity for the year. So keep a look out for pub quizzes, charity games night and various outreach opportunity’s. I joined Taekwondo last year as a beginner and have found it a lot of fun, both in and out of training. When I came to my first session everyone was so friendly and welcoming which made me want to continue training. I’d never done a martial art before and thought why not give it a try. So what I will say is why not come along to a session and have a go, I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

Juliette Weiss Kit Secretary

Hi, I’m Juliette, a 2nd year engineer and your kit secretary for this year. This means I’ll be responsible for taking care of the club’s equipment and providing you with all the gear and merchandise you could possibly need. This could be training gear, doboks or even really cool leisurewear! I started taekwondo in my first year as a complete beginner and really enjoyed it. By the end of the year I had even managed to pass a few gradings! The club is the perfect place to stay fit, improve your confidence and meet lots of new people which is great especially if you’re new to the university. I would really encourage you to join as there is a great atmosphere and everyone - from complete beginners to taekwondo experts - can find something for them!