Meet the Team

Chris Norman President

Hi, I’m Chris, I’m a 3rd year studying Maths and Physics, I’ve been doing Taekwondo for 11 years now and am a 2nd degree black belt. We're open to all styles of Taekwondo at Warwick, ITF and WTF, and that gives us an incredible array of skills to learn from each other. Training is suitable for anyone whether you want to earn new belts, win medals at competitions or learn self defence and keep fit, our training is very broad and includes traditional patterns, competitive sparring and practical defence. The martial art has a lot to offer and the club even more from its welcoming members and 'engaging' socials; please get in touch if there's anything else you'd like to know about the club, exec or instructor, and feel free to come along to any of our training sessions.

Alex Shaw Treasurer

Hi, I’m Alex, a third year Accounting and Finance student and I’m the treasurer. I took up taekwondo when I first joined Warwick after seeing it at the Olympics and am so glad that I did. Through the club I’ve learnt new skills, improved my fitness, got involved in national competitions and met some awesome people. As treasurer it’s my job to look after the finances. This involves collecting training fees and making sure that money is always spent in the interest of the club and its’ members. This club is perfect for people of any ability as everyone can learn something new each week and do so in a great atmosphere.

Sian McDonell Secretary

Hi, I’m Sian, a 3rd year undergraduate studying Biochemistry. I’m currently a 1st degree black belt, so Taekwondo has been a big part of my life for a while now, and hopefully it’ll stay that way! One of the best things I did when I came to Warwick was join the club – it enriches the Uni experience in such an all-rounded way. It helped me to of course keep training, but also to go to so many fabulous socials, make loads of friends, and even to travel to incredible places! It really immerses you in the student culture. As well as this, Warwick Taekwondo has given me the opportunity to push myself to new limits – I’ve competed more than I ever have before and I’m fitter than I’ve ever been. Whether you’re like me and want to challenge yourself, or you’re a complete beginner, we’re a friendly bunch and we’d love to have you as part of our team!

Roliver Social Sec

Hey! We are Oliver (a 3rd year Discrete Maths student) and Ryan (a 3rd year Politics and International Studies student) and we're complete Taekwondo beginners, having started in January! Since then we have graded to yellow tags and attended our first competition at the British Student Nationals. When we joined, we immediately felt part of the club, and want to extend that welcome to all future members. We're going to get everyone socialising away from training, by arranging meals, nights outs and paint balling excursions. We would thoroughly recommend anyone of any ability to join this vibrant and fun club.

Ben De IveyPublicity Officer

Hi, I'm a second year computer scientist and have been doing taekwondo for about 8 years, having recieved my second dan last year. As your webmaster it's my responsibility to keep our excellent website up and running, and do technical stuff. As your publicity officer it'll be me doing my level best to convince as many people as possible to join. I've loved my year at this club and I am very keen to see as many people as possible have their own great experiences from the club.

Leigh CollierCaptain

Hi I'm Leigh and I'm a second year student studying maths. Taekwondo has been such an important part of my life for 10 years now and I am currently a third dan black belt. Having loved my Taekwondo club at home I was really worried that I would have to give up on the sport upon going to uni but I needn't have been concerned - when I arrived I was instantly welcomed into the group, not only as a club member but as a friend. After a year of being Social Sec, I've now stepped up to being your club Captain. Having been British Ladies Black Belt Student Champion for two years running, it's my job to get you all competing to a high standard, whether you're in it to win it or just love the adrenalin burst. So if you just love the sport, want to keep fit and try something new or are just interested in making new friends then Warwick Taekwondo is definitely the sport for you!

Jess O'BrienCharity

Hi, I'm Jess and I'm in my second year studying French and History. Before I came to Warwick I had no experience in any form of martial arts, but now I'm a yellow belt and a gold medal winner and I can't imagine my life without Taekwondo. The club has so much to offer - from learning new skills, entering competitions and just bettering your own fitness, it has also been an amazing opportunity socially and abated any fears I had about struggling to make new friends when I came to university. As this year's charity officer I am looking forward to organising the club's charity events, which in the past have included a pub quiz and a sponsored sparathon and have proven to be great successes both in the amount of money raised and the amount of fun had! So whether you're a seasoned student of Taekwondo or a complete beginner like I was, come along to training and see where Warwick Taekwondo will take you.

Sophie WebsterKit Secretary

Hi, I'm Sophie and I am a second year studying General Engineering. I started Tae Kwondo as a fresher and am currently a green belt so I am a shining example of what the club has to offer both through training and socially. It has been great for my fitness as well has helping to create new friends which is often hard when starting a new hobby in an unfamiliar place. I am your kit sec for this year, which means I will be offering you the chance to buy everything you need to start your training as well as branded university taekwondo kit and providing all the gear we need for training from belts to pads. I am very approachable so feel free to ask me any questions.